Recycling means new use, new introduction in the cycle.  In the original sense of the word it means returning to the process in which the waste arises – thus for the original purpose and the same system.  It may be considered to be a strategy which by re-using waste economises natural resources and limits the harmful substance load on the environment. Recycling enables the securing of reserves in the case of a complete deficiency, lowering costs at rising raw material prices and lowering the ecological load of the environment with waste.

Aluhut a.s. prefers a production style in which the raw materials and energy are used by the most rational and comprehensive method in the cycle:

Raw material sources – production – consumption – secondary raw materials

in a manner so that it has no influence on the environment. In practice this means that Aluhut a.s. uses non-ferrous waste as a load in furnaces, where this waste is melted into aluminium alloys according to customer requirements, which are input materials for other industrial sectors. The main supplier is our sister company, Anbremetall a.s. which is a specialist in the purchase and processing of this waste. The two sister companies together have an eminent position in the framework of the recycling phase, beginning with the purchase and processing of non-ferrous waste for alloy production, which comes to the market as an ecologically produced commodity for several industrial sectors.

In 2004 Aluhut a.s. received an integrated permit from the Středočeský Krajský úřad (Regional Office for Central Bohemia) and in 2007 it successfully passed a change to this permit in connection with the enlargement of the production capacity. Our company complies with regular checking of the fulfillment of the IPPC issued permit on the part of the authorities without considerable system remarks.