Aluhut a.s. produces and deals with aluminium alloys. In this area it offers, together with its sister company Anbremetall a.s. complete customer services not only in aluminium alloy production, but in the purchase and waste treatment of non-ferrous metals as well. With the service connection of both companies in particular, we make a comprehensive solution possible not only in the delivery of the required alloys, but also in the repurchase of non-ferrous waste. We provide these services comprehensively, including logistical support. The priority of Aluhut a.s. is the long-term collaboration with the customer, namely in the business and technological areas, the aim of which is the customer's maximum satisfaction.

Foundry alloys are produced from waste aluminium and alloying additives (Si, Cu, Mg, Ti etc.). Pure aluminium is used in a small amount.  Examples of using the individual sorts of alloys are briefly described in the Czech Standards (ČSN) but above all they are determined by the designers' requirements and a considerable role in the choice of alloy is performed by the custom of the individual casting houses together with their technical equipment.  The standardised contents of the alloying elements and the contents of the accompanying elements are determined by the appropriate standards. The production of other alloys with a different composition to those prescribed by the standard, is commonplace.

EN AB-46000
EN AB AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
EN AB-47100
EN AB AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
EN AB-44300
EN AB AlSi12(Fe)
EN AB-43400
EN AB AlSi10Mg(Fe)
EN AB-43200
EN AB AlSi10Mg(Cu)
  Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Pb Sn Ti the rest
the rest

The prices, specifications and terms of payment for individual types of aluminium alloys are fixed according to the current development of the world markets depending on the quantity, character and chemical composition of the alloys. Our experienced business team guarantees information services and consultation in the aluminium alloy sales area.
In addition to customer satisfaction in the price and qualitative areas, consulting and comprehensive services are the main priorities of our corporation.

Our company delivers its products to prominent companies not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout the EU and namely to the automotive industry. High emphasis is placed on this, and is connected with the quality of our products.