ALUHUT a.s. is occupied with aluminium alloy production. The main input raw materials are various types of aluminium waste. This waste is sorted and modified so that it can be used as a charge in the ovens. The modification of the aluminium waste is performed by our sister company, Anbremetall a.s. Consequently this waste is thoroughly checked at the input inspection, which ensures the highest quality of the input material.
The process in our company is performed by melting the aluminium waste in the melting furnaces, alloying and degasification and the subsequent casting of the alloy.  The entire production process is controlled by the operating regulations where maximum attention is given to conformity with technology and production quality. The final products of ALUHUT a.s. are aluminium casting alloys.

Examples of use of the individual alloy types are briefly described in the Czech Standards (ČSN) but above all they are determined by the designers' requirements and a considerable role in the choice of alloy is done by the custom of the individual casting houses together with their technical equipment.  
The whole process is consistently monitored and checked several times during its development.
Aluhut a.s. prefers a production style in which the raw materials and energy are used by the most rational and comprehensive method in the cycle:

Raw material sources – production – consumption – secondary raw materials

in a manner so that it has no influence on the environment.